Friday, August 29, 2008

The Beauty of the Human Spirit

Okay, so I was working the register at my random night job tonight. My little escape to talk to adults after having spent all day with my ridiculous and clever 4 year old son. I was ringing this lady up. She had three kiddos with her, all say, 7 and under. They were not annoying in the least bit, I mean, they were keeping her busy but just being kids really. They were happy and just looking at everything (which to kids also means TOUCHING everything!) Near the checkout we have these little push button things with this globe on the top. You push the button and the little light thing spins around and kind of changes colors and patterns. It is really pretty cool and all the kids love them.
The one little girl asked "Can we get one?"
The mom said "Three dollars each and three kids? That adds up. No guys we are just getting the movies now put them back please." None of them fussed.
She paid for her movies and was gathering her stuff. It was now that I looked past the big bright eyes and giggling face of the youngest girl and realized that quite a bit of her long blonde hair was missing.
The couple behind her in line had been watching and smiling at the kiddos. At one point one of them even said "You've got your hands full!" The mother had smiled back at her, kind of rolling her eyes.
As the mom was gathering the kiddos and heading out, one of the girls from the couple handed me three of the spinning light things and said "Can you kinda hurry with these?"
I rang them up and handed them to the other girl and she gave them to each of the kiddos. They simultaneously thanked her happily. I almost forgot to finish ringing them up and even now tears come to my eyes as I write. What a beautiful thing to be able to witness the kind, open, caring and thoughtfulness of human beings. I told the couple how much fun it was for me to be able to witness that and the one just said "Well she had her hands full."
I love it. I am happy that I was there to witness it and I realize that the beauty of the human spirit is everywhere. I will be more aware, I hope you will too. :)

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