Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Raw Food Fabulousness

So I started this Natalia Rose Raw Food Detox "diet" thing about 4 days ago. Let me tell you, (other than 2 TOTALLY completely not good in anyway possible meals) I feel AMAZING. I had a friend mention about her garden and all of the fresh things she had eaten. I was kidding her about only eating fresh tree leaves and steamed tree bark with fresh creek water, when she turned and jokingly said, "You are just jealous!" At that point I realized..... I was a bit! The next day another interesting girl at my little night job offered me part of her avocado. I told her I had eaten already and she mentioned being on this raw food thing. Hmmmm.....tell me more I said. She said she had been doing it a while, wanted to become vegan, felt great and no longer depended on 6 shots of espresso a day. She showed me the book she had read, I bought it, devoured it, started the following morning.
Seriously, seriously, not kidding, I feel AMAZING. Everything in the book made such sense to me. I mean why not? I then found out about her other book Life Force Energy. OMG. Okay, it is like Law of Attraction meets Food. The best thing is, she is real. Like, she is human, not this superhuman "this is the only way you can ever do anything for the rest of your life" OR "after 30 days on this you will be a rockstar" sort of thing. She is a Mom, she is educated, she is gorgeous, amusing and apparently my new best friend (she doesn't know this yet LOL). The Big Red Barn opens tomorrow because it is Wednesday (our version of super duper small town farmers market) and I am planning on stocking up. I actually finally bought those Debbie Meyer Green Bags but have been eating SO many fresh fruits and veggies, nothing has a chance to go funky!
I found a lovely little shop on Etsy called ( ) I ordered some Raw Vegan Organic MACA-Roons & some Heirloom Tomato Basil Flax Crackers. I can't wait to get them in the mail!!!

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