Friday, August 29, 2008

The Beauty of the Human Spirit

Okay, so I was working the register at my random night job tonight. My little escape to talk to adults after having spent all day with my ridiculous and clever 4 year old son. I was ringing this lady up. She had three kiddos with her, all say, 7 and under. They were not annoying in the least bit, I mean, they were keeping her busy but just being kids really. They were happy and just looking at everything (which to kids also means TOUCHING everything!) Near the checkout we have these little push button things with this globe on the top. You push the button and the little light thing spins around and kind of changes colors and patterns. It is really pretty cool and all the kids love them.
The one little girl asked "Can we get one?"
The mom said "Three dollars each and three kids? That adds up. No guys we are just getting the movies now put them back please." None of them fussed.
She paid for her movies and was gathering her stuff. It was now that I looked past the big bright eyes and giggling face of the youngest girl and realized that quite a bit of her long blonde hair was missing.
The couple behind her in line had been watching and smiling at the kiddos. At one point one of them even said "You've got your hands full!" The mother had smiled back at her, kind of rolling her eyes.
As the mom was gathering the kiddos and heading out, one of the girls from the couple handed me three of the spinning light things and said "Can you kinda hurry with these?"
I rang them up and handed them to the other girl and she gave them to each of the kiddos. They simultaneously thanked her happily. I almost forgot to finish ringing them up and even now tears come to my eyes as I write. What a beautiful thing to be able to witness the kind, open, caring and thoughtfulness of human beings. I told the couple how much fun it was for me to be able to witness that and the one just said "Well she had her hands full."
I love it. I am happy that I was there to witness it and I realize that the beauty of the human spirit is everywhere. I will be more aware, I hope you will too. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a fabulous morning!

I hope everyone has a beautiful day today!

This is where I would rather be, though I am happy to be home as well... South Padre Island Texas

Monday, August 18, 2008

How do they do it? (mini rant about being a Mom)

Okay so last night, my crazy 4 year old kiddo got up out of bed about a thousand times. Just as I was about to fall asleep...BAM, he was up again. I think collectively I got maybe 2 hours of sleep.

Then this morning he wakes up chipper and ready for the day! Like nothing ever happened! Like we hadn't been up ALL night long!

I find some coffee beans in the cupboard and decide I pretty much have to pretend it didn't happen either. Grind them up brew them, have a sip head out for a ton of errands.

It is raining today so we "get" to use the umbrellas.

Okay, for me I think "Let's just run and do it fast and get home out of the rain."

Kiddo thinks (probably in a song) "We get to use umbrellas! We get to use umbrellas!"

So it ends up taking much longer to run already long errands. He does however let everyone know that we are carrying umbrellas.

Come home....errands done....ahhhhhhh


This then was continued phone call mania, pretty much back to back calls.

Then, at last, it is quiet. The sofa, just for a minute. Okay maybe five minutes.

You know that point when you are just about to fall into deep sleep and everything sounds like 20 times louder than normal? RING


My Mom, okay "Hey Mom, I'm trying to take a super quick nap, can I call you later?"

"Well Dad and I were going to stop by really quick..."


I gave up, I got kiddo dressed. Flung my hair into a presentable bun mess and here I am.

They did just stop by for a second. It is SO cute to see kiddo with them. I know after having two girls himself, that my Dad really gets a kick out of him. And my Mom, well, if I didn't know better, I would try to find the umbilical cord that attaches HER and kiddo together.

Anyway, I just thought I would share a little sunshine from my day. OH, I forgot to mention, I get to go to work tonight too at the book store. Lovely right? They may very well find me curled up with one in one of the comfy chairs. Hmmmm..... or possibly over in the cafe doing espresso shots.

Oh, I almost forgot! Yarn....

Below is Twisted Experiment #2...

This is one called FuN HoUsE that I already sold that was GORGEOUS...

This group is my Twisted Trifecta, I cannot believe it hasn't sold yet! I may just have to make a scarf out of them and steal them from my shop one of these days...

Friday, August 15, 2008

I recieved my treats from Etsy's SugarPlumVegan!!!
They came SUPER fast! Here are the fabulous filling yummy crackers ...

And here are the absolutely AMAZING and FABULOUS MACA-Roons, these are GIANT! Seriously, I think I might cut them in four!

They are so delicious!

I will absolutely positively be shopping there again very soon. YUM!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

School is starting...

So the new school year is starting soon. Row after row of fresh supplies in every store you walk into. I have to say I am a bit jealous! Getting brand new school supplies was always my FAVORITE. I remember wondering what kind of new TrapperKeeper they were going to come up with, and if it would have matching folders. Planning for weeks by cutting out pictures from magazines and stuff to put in one of those clear binders, to make it the very coolest possible (without, of course, looking like I TRIED to make it cool LOL) All of those super sharp pencils and then the mechanical pencils.... A fresh pack of bic pens, or when they came out with the pens with designs on them! How about the year that you actually had to buy a protractor, yeah I know you always heard about the dork with the protractor in his pocket, but to have to BUY one just seemed like a huge step.

Then...the first day of school. The way the rooms smelled. Deciding where to sit.

I guess I moved around alot as a kid. I went to like 9 different schools in 4 different states. I always liked the chance to reinvent myself. It also made me very "adaptable" LOL. Often times I would be going in to a completely new school full of kids I had never seen. I always "planned" to be the quiet girl in class. It never really ended up that way though. The desire to make new friends and make people laugh always took over. I was certainly not the class clown or anything.

It seemed like I was always friends with people from all of the different cliques. My wardrode sure showed it too! Oh my..... From Polo shirts and big silver hoop earrings one year, to Z Cavariccis and mile high bangs, to black hair and long dark clothes the next year, to heavy metal t-shirts and jeans, to tie dye shirts, to corduroy vintage pants and vintage flowing tops, I am sure I am forgetting some of them in there.

Looking back, I seem to remember all of the good, fun stuff first. When you are going through it, it is all confusing though. The searching and trying to figure out who you are. Living up to who people think you are. Settling in to where you feel you belong, only to realize you don't.

Yeah, there is no amount of money that could make me go back and do it again. Although, I absolutely would not change one thing about my experience. It was mine and it is part of why I am who I am today. I am happy!

Unless of course someone were to tempt me with new school supplies...

"Isn't this blog supposed to be about yarn?"

Ahhhhh yes.... here you go!

And my inspiration...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Raw Food Fabulousness

So I started this Natalia Rose Raw Food Detox "diet" thing about 4 days ago. Let me tell you, (other than 2 TOTALLY completely not good in anyway possible meals) I feel AMAZING. I had a friend mention about her garden and all of the fresh things she had eaten. I was kidding her about only eating fresh tree leaves and steamed tree bark with fresh creek water, when she turned and jokingly said, "You are just jealous!" At that point I realized..... I was a bit! The next day another interesting girl at my little night job offered me part of her avocado. I told her I had eaten already and she mentioned being on this raw food thing. Hmmmm.....tell me more I said. She said she had been doing it a while, wanted to become vegan, felt great and no longer depended on 6 shots of espresso a day. She showed me the book she had read, I bought it, devoured it, started the following morning.
Seriously, seriously, not kidding, I feel AMAZING. Everything in the book made such sense to me. I mean why not? I then found out about her other book Life Force Energy. OMG. Okay, it is like Law of Attraction meets Food. The best thing is, she is real. Like, she is human, not this superhuman "this is the only way you can ever do anything for the rest of your life" OR "after 30 days on this you will be a rockstar" sort of thing. She is a Mom, she is educated, she is gorgeous, amusing and apparently my new best friend (she doesn't know this yet LOL). The Big Red Barn opens tomorrow because it is Wednesday (our version of super duper small town farmers market) and I am planning on stocking up. I actually finally bought those Debbie Meyer Green Bags but have been eating SO many fresh fruits and veggies, nothing has a chance to go funky!
I found a lovely little shop on Etsy called ( ) I ordered some Raw Vegan Organic MACA-Roons & some Heirloom Tomato Basil Flax Crackers. I can't wait to get them in the mail!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OMG 7 years?

Wow, tomorrow is me and hubby's 7th anniversary! I just can't believe it has been that long! Of course in other ways I can't imagine how it hasn't been longer. We are very lucky to have the relationship we have. I guess because we are such good friends and pretty laid back. He is an amazing Dad to our wild kiddo and to see them together makes me completely glow. They are both nuts.... okay perhaps we all are, but it is best that way!!! ANYWAY, sorry for all of the mushy-ness, just reflecting!