Thursday, August 14, 2008

School is starting...

So the new school year is starting soon. Row after row of fresh supplies in every store you walk into. I have to say I am a bit jealous! Getting brand new school supplies was always my FAVORITE. I remember wondering what kind of new TrapperKeeper they were going to come up with, and if it would have matching folders. Planning for weeks by cutting out pictures from magazines and stuff to put in one of those clear binders, to make it the very coolest possible (without, of course, looking like I TRIED to make it cool LOL) All of those super sharp pencils and then the mechanical pencils.... A fresh pack of bic pens, or when they came out with the pens with designs on them! How about the year that you actually had to buy a protractor, yeah I know you always heard about the dork with the protractor in his pocket, but to have to BUY one just seemed like a huge step.

Then...the first day of school. The way the rooms smelled. Deciding where to sit.

I guess I moved around alot as a kid. I went to like 9 different schools in 4 different states. I always liked the chance to reinvent myself. It also made me very "adaptable" LOL. Often times I would be going in to a completely new school full of kids I had never seen. I always "planned" to be the quiet girl in class. It never really ended up that way though. The desire to make new friends and make people laugh always took over. I was certainly not the class clown or anything.

It seemed like I was always friends with people from all of the different cliques. My wardrode sure showed it too! Oh my..... From Polo shirts and big silver hoop earrings one year, to Z Cavariccis and mile high bangs, to black hair and long dark clothes the next year, to heavy metal t-shirts and jeans, to tie dye shirts, to corduroy vintage pants and vintage flowing tops, I am sure I am forgetting some of them in there.

Looking back, I seem to remember all of the good, fun stuff first. When you are going through it, it is all confusing though. The searching and trying to figure out who you are. Living up to who people think you are. Settling in to where you feel you belong, only to realize you don't.

Yeah, there is no amount of money that could make me go back and do it again. Although, I absolutely would not change one thing about my experience. It was mine and it is part of why I am who I am today. I am happy!

Unless of course someone were to tempt me with new school supplies...

"Isn't this blog supposed to be about yarn?"

Ahhhhh yes.... here you go!

And my inspiration...


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You rock!

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This black/white combination is beautiful!