Monday, August 18, 2008

How do they do it? (mini rant about being a Mom)

Okay so last night, my crazy 4 year old kiddo got up out of bed about a thousand times. Just as I was about to fall asleep...BAM, he was up again. I think collectively I got maybe 2 hours of sleep.

Then this morning he wakes up chipper and ready for the day! Like nothing ever happened! Like we hadn't been up ALL night long!

I find some coffee beans in the cupboard and decide I pretty much have to pretend it didn't happen either. Grind them up brew them, have a sip head out for a ton of errands.

It is raining today so we "get" to use the umbrellas.

Okay, for me I think "Let's just run and do it fast and get home out of the rain."

Kiddo thinks (probably in a song) "We get to use umbrellas! We get to use umbrellas!"

So it ends up taking much longer to run already long errands. He does however let everyone know that we are carrying umbrellas.

Come home....errands done....ahhhhhhh


This then was continued phone call mania, pretty much back to back calls.

Then, at last, it is quiet. The sofa, just for a minute. Okay maybe five minutes.

You know that point when you are just about to fall into deep sleep and everything sounds like 20 times louder than normal? RING


My Mom, okay "Hey Mom, I'm trying to take a super quick nap, can I call you later?"

"Well Dad and I were going to stop by really quick..."


I gave up, I got kiddo dressed. Flung my hair into a presentable bun mess and here I am.

They did just stop by for a second. It is SO cute to see kiddo with them. I know after having two girls himself, that my Dad really gets a kick out of him. And my Mom, well, if I didn't know better, I would try to find the umbilical cord that attaches HER and kiddo together.

Anyway, I just thought I would share a little sunshine from my day. OH, I forgot to mention, I get to go to work tonight too at the book store. Lovely right? They may very well find me curled up with one in one of the comfy chairs. Hmmmm..... or possibly over in the cafe doing espresso shots.

Oh, I almost forgot! Yarn....

Below is Twisted Experiment #2...

This is one called FuN HoUsE that I already sold that was GORGEOUS...

This group is my Twisted Trifecta, I cannot believe it hasn't sold yet! I may just have to make a scarf out of them and steal them from my shop one of these days...


Mary Richmond said...

beautiful yarn twists and a wonderful mom rant....took me back a few years...and oh, my daughter sounds just like that some days when her little one keeps her up all night ;-)

Tricia said...

Lovely blog and I love looking at the yarns. I just took up my knitting needles at the start of the Olympics. I keep making mistakes though, cos I get so caught up in the excitment of the games!

earth and sun folk said...

sounds like an exhausting day to say the least! i feel for 2 youngest haven't been sleeping good lately either, which means neither have i :(