Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exciting News!!!

I have some very exciting news! A while back I was approached about having some of my handspun yarn featured in a magazine. This in itself was amazing.

I absolutely love spinning and experimenting with different fibers and colors and techniques. The folks who come to my Etsy shop to purchase skeins, ask questions or have comments always offer me a bit of validation for my craft. In getting to know some of my customers I often learn what they will make with my creations: who is getting married soon, having babies, getting a new grandchild, just learning to knit and who just bought a new coat that needs some new warm woolen knits to accessorize. Then there are the mystery skeins. The ones I wrap up and mail off, never hear a word from the customers, to be left only with my imagination as to what they will become. Spinning gives me the chance to create something that others get to create with, which fills me with joy.

I must say, when I was first approached for the magazine opportunity, it all seemed very surreal. Silly thoughts entered my head like "Do things like this really happen?" and "Why me?" Well guess what...things like this DO happen and I gratefully accept that they happen to ME!

After a little reasearch and asking around my knitting buddies, I realized just how amazing this opportunity is! The magazine is called Yarn Forward and is based out of the UK. It is full of unique and interesting knitting patterns and brimming with gorgeous photography. It is one of those magazines that you have a special spot for...after riding around in your knitting bag for a few weeks that is.

They were kind and sent me a copy of the issue I am featured in so I thought I would share some snippets of it with you all! It can be purchased at your local Borders or Barnes and Noble booksellers here in the states. You can also go directly to their site and purchase. They have just launched the digital version for a fraction of the cost of hard copy (earth friendly...gotta love it!).

The cover~

My skein of supercoils named "Fresh Corn" seen in the index (BONUS!)~

The "Things We Like" feature (half page spread AND #1? Sweetness!)~

There is the another spot I am featured, it is an interview about working at home, loving what you do and making it work!

I am so very grateful and excited to be a part of this!


Anonymous said...

yay! congratulations! your yarn photographs beautifully. :)

The Point said...

Congratulations! Yaay you!

Nicole said...

AWESOME!! That is so exciting...congrats! :D

Sandy & the sheep said...

Congrats! That is way too fun--your yarn is gorgeous and your happy personality shows through in it too! :0)

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news. I saw that magazine at Barnes the other day. Next time I'll pick it up.

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Hey, we need yarn-y rock stars like you! :)

Happy Friday!