Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Easily Amused!

So my parents came to pick up kiddo and take him shopping for hubby and me for Christmas. A secret shopping trip that they have been wanting to do since last year, just waiting until he was a bit older. He loves hanging out with them and was so excited from the moment I told him. There aren't many things he likes to do without me, but an outing with Grammy and Grandpa was absolutely up his alley! He was dressed and ready to go about two hours before they were even supposed to arrive and for a 4 year old, that is EARLY! I planned on shopping solo for a shirt for our annual family photos (which we decided we would all wear blue and I didn't have a pretty blue top) and have a minute to try some things on. I stroll into a shop in the mall..... there they are! Of course, out of all the gin joints right? I had a quick success and headed out so they could carry on with top secret shopping.
I asked kiddo what he got for us, knowing he had been prompted to say "You have to wait until Christmas!" and that is what he said. Then later we were hanging out on the sofa and a Zales commercial came on. He was quiet and then he says "I got you the most beautiful earrings!" I pretended not to hear because instantly he realized he wasn't supposed to say anything. I am willing to bet they are not from Zales, but based on the earrings he "won" for me out of a vending machine, I imagine they are quite sparkly. He digs the sparkly stuff. I dig him.
This afternoon was about mid to high 70s. The sky looked all mysterious like it wasn't sure what it was supposed to do. Windy gusts and fast moving clouds rolled in in the evening hours. The temperature was steadily dropping. I heard there was a chance for snow but this is Texas, I mean come on now. It doesn't snow here.
First it was sleet, then it turned to the fluffy white goodness!

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Lotta @ Silverknuten said...

My 4 1/2 year old has my gift hidden in her closet :-) She just had to show me it was there, and now she's yelling at me everytime I go near.