Friday, November 21, 2008

Two Seasons, Bunnies and Cabernet

Living here in Texas, it's almost like we just have two seasons. Summer and Winter. Seems like each one of them is just long enough to forget how the other is. We had a cold front blow through and stick around for a few days. I like the cold weather, the cozy clothes and the snuggle up and stay in factor of it. The leaves are blowing off of the trees. The deer are running around wildly. I can smell my neighbor's fireplace. All in all a good start to the holiday season!

Currently I am spinning some German Angora bunny fur. It came to me in fluffery bits so I am having to hand card it. There is something kind of Zen about the repetitive motion. I do wish I had a larger pair, but these work just fine. I was surprised how well and even it is coming out for being hand carded.
The last Angora I worked with was wild and unruly. In the beginning I tried to make it consistent but about 3 yards in and I declared "May the fluffers stay fluffy!" and spun it like it wanted to be spun. It ended up looking really neat with big, soft, thick......blobs? here and there. I have just a bit of gorgeous cashmere left. It is more of a creamy white and the angora is pure white. I was thinking of plying the two together for the softest most buttery fabulousness ever.
Did you know bunny fur is 8 times as warm as wool? Interesting huh...

Here is a photo of the Angora in progress ~

Pretty isn't it?

Tonight is chilly and I have to stay up to get the last bit of laundry done. I had a major decision earlier between hot tea and some Cabernet. The Cabernet won. Seems like a cozy thing to have on a blustery night. So cheers!

OH! I recently celebrated my 200th sale on Etsy! When I first started and wasn't sure how I was going to do, I set a goal first of 45 sales. I put a note on my vision board. This was back in February. I hit that goal and when I noticed my little note on the board, I was already at 52 sales. I took it down and made a new one for 65. Between spinning, kiddo and life, I hadn't glanced up there for a while. Once I did, I was right at 100 sales. I started to get a new slip of paper to write my goal on, then I had a better idea. So I grabbed my pen and drew a "1" in front of the 65! So obviously with my 200th sale just passed, I needed a new goal. I made a "2" out of the "1" and have been working hard to keep my shop stocked! I am looking forward to folks holiday shopping on Etsy. This will be my first holiday season actually selling.

Alright, laundry, bunny fur and another glass of wine!

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