Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh my!!!

I just listed some yarn I experimented with. I think it turned out fabulous!

I plied one of my handspun skeins with some thread that I beaded. After I plied it I realized I needed to dye it and decided to go with light blue. It is beautiful!!!

Another experiment was some merino and mohair. I spun up some merino one ply. Then I spun up a mohair/merino blend. The mohair was so shiny and I wasn't sure how it would dye. Well.......... it stayed super shiny and also photographed really well!

Now for some lucky person to purchase and make something amazing with them! Actually the two would work really well together because I used the same sky blue.

Anyway, I am off to go spin some bananas! Also known as superwash roving dyed with a variety of yellows. Hopefully I won't GO bananas!!!


Nora said...

Wow! Beautiful! Love the colors! :D

Made for Me by Oaklie said...

Great Yarn... I will probably have to buy some from you for my scarves! Check out my blog at - feel free to subscribe! My website is I really think the beaded yarn would make a great scarf.

maceykatedesigns said...

Hey chicklet, time to update no? LOL

Merrill said...

That beaded yarn is awesome! I am knitting up the merino I bought from you into a pair of gauntlets. Love it!