Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey everybody!

I have been having WAY too much fun spinning yarn on my new Ashford Kiwi! First I was purchasing pre-dyed roving and batts to experiment with. I finally got up enough nerve to dye my own roving and WOW! How fun it is to create something from the very first steps! I will soon be posting instructions on "How to dye your own roving" and also "How to dye your own yarn".

Some of my yarn was recently featured on another blog http://bonghinatura.blogspot.com/
Bonghi Natura offers a wide variety of amazing soaps. They look delicious but the way they make your skin feel is even more amazing! I ordered a ton of stuff to give as gifts. (If I ever actually let them leave my possession that is)

Thanks for stopping by! Check back in soon and until then, check out my Etsy shop! It is fully stocked with amazing fiber fabulousness!!! http://simplytwisted.etsy.com

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Sam and Emily said...

hey! We love your stuff! A blog is such a cool idea! Talk to you soon!

.:Happy spinning:.